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Kelly takes a lot of coaxing or she`ll walk out but if you simply leave the Strip Club and re-enter you can replay with her from that point so I won`t spoil the thrill or frustration of coaching her moves ;) When she wins , Rachel and you "win"..... t matter which number you pick, especially if you edit and comment out the line ?? ) "Kiss her during the excitement" "Finish kissing" "Collect winnings" (RACHdri 1) "Have a drink at the bar" "Buy a vodka" "Go somewhere else" Sophie Ending Go to the bar "Speak with Sophie" ?? The Scrapbook has past Nancy Drew Games information.No dance move can be done more than twice before she gets nude, one more each after that.If you follow the rules: Invite Rebecca Along Go inside Have a drink Agree to do a show Rules for doing a successful strip act are similar to Ariane, except there are only 3 moves you can do, you still have to do all 3, at least 4, and get down to your underwear to succeed.

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Permalink We haven’t done a Walkthrough #5 start yet. Keep the top Keep the top Knock on the door Look in the front yard Check the mailbox How to win or lose a swim race:suggest skinny dipping Swim some more Challenge her to a race ABCThe time in seconds between clicking A and C determines outcome, if less than 2 seconds you will lose by running out of breath, if more than 2.5 seconds, you will lose by being too slow.

Was a bit difficult though because the game was too linear at times. Can someone help me, no matter what I do so I can end the club Importation path I choose, the game goes straight in the club strip.assim happens to other games of a date so final.porque? " Continue Step outside Take in the view Grab her ass Walk to the north end of the street Travel uptown Take her to the casino Book a room for the night Book a room Book a room Go to the room Go to the room Sit on the sofa Kiss her Finish kissing Do something else Go back to the lobby Have a drink at the bar Buy a vodka Go somewhere else Go gambling 1. "I think you two should kiss." Let them kiss Let them kiss 2. "Let`s get some drinks." Finish having drinks Ask Rachel a question 3. I was looking for more games in the style of Arianne B and hit the jackpot. When I selected one of the messages, I was taken back to the `Begin Game` screen and another window opened with a message saying, "hello null, I am Erica". There`s other games on force one that involve members in this game where you can date them as well. This game`s pretty decent and if you play it right you can see allot of action. "Step outside" "Take in the view" "Grab her ass" or (RACHdri 1) ??

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